April 12 – 20, 2024



Crowdfunding for film professionals:Success, Myths and Possibilities

05/04/14, Art Studio 55 (Limassol), 16:00
In this panel discussion filmmakers  Iva Radivojevic (Evaporating Borders) and Stelana Kliris (Committed) discuss why they turned to crowdfunding and what makes a successful crowd funding campaign. The panelists will go over what works and why, what platforms to choose, share examples of successful campaigns and talk about their own fundraising experiences.

Topics include :

* what gets funded and why

* defining your campaign

* understanding the ingredients of the campaign

* researching your budget

* making an effective pitch

* making the video

* setting a smart funding goal

* considering your networks

* working toward a smart outreach

Supported by Directors Guild Cyprus