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Directing Actors

Cyprus Film Days International Film Festival in collaboration with the London Film Academy present ‘Directing Actors’, a workshop for Directors.

TIME: 14:00-17:00
DATE: 25 April 2015 (Saturday)


(CAPACITY 25 persons) – Registrations will be made upon priority.

The workshop will be conducted in the English language.

Please register for the workshop by sending an e-mail to info@cyprusfilmdays.com, stating:

1. Your full name and contact details
2. Use the words “LFA workshop” in the subject

Directing Actors WORKSHOP
The relationship between directors and actors marks an essential collaborative partnership in the filmmaking process. Clear, precise and meaningful communication between them helps to save time on takes and is imperative to the making of a quality film. This workshop will cover: how to communicate effectively with actors in their own language, what actors expect from directors, working with actors of differing levels of experience, different approaches to acting and how you use them to help your actors, understanding vocabulary you need to get the performances you are looking for.

About the Tutor:

Carolina Giammetta
As an actress Carolina has worked with directors including: Mike Leigh, Roger Michell, Julian Jarrold, Armando Iannucci. She has written and directed several acclaimed short films that have been nominated and won several Best Short Film awards. ‘DOOR OPEN’ was a winner in the Kirin Film Competition and ‘MAN UP’ was a finalist in the REED FILM COMPETITION 2012 & VIRGIN MEDIA SHORTS 2012/2013. She has worked as a Director for BBC Comedy COMEDY SNACKS.
Selected for numerous TALENT LABS: EIFF 2012, BFI Think- Shoot- Distribute 2012, THE BUREAU SOS 2013/2014 with her feature ‘PIZZA FACE’ and nominated for the 2013 IMDB ‘ Script to Screen’ award. She took part in Screen Yorkshire’s TRIANGLE 2013 with ‘THE CLEANERS’, which was selected for the BFI/Film London Micro Market 2013.
Recent work includes short film ‘I DON’T CARE’ (Film London/SPOOL FILMS) award winning ‘NIGHT ARMOUR’, BP viral ‘BUMP’, a competition winner for MoFilm. This summer she directed a series of 28 short films about the British Civil War involving CGI, VFX. SFX.


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