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Glocal Images 2011

Zone of Turbulence

Evgenia Tirdativa
80’ / 2010

Thursday  14.04 @ 22:00
Saturday  16.04 @ 22:00

The film is a story about three days in the life of an ordinary woman, living and working in today’s Moscow, her adult son and her small grandson. Both – father and grandmother – meet the boy for the first time five years after his birth.

Tuesday, After Christmas

Radu Muntean
100’ / 2010

Saturday 16.04 @ 22:00
Tuesday 12.04 @ 20:00

The easy, playful romance enjoyed by Paul and Raluca seems idyllic, but it faces one major obstacle: Paul is married. A chance encounter between Paul’s wife and Raluca ignites suspicions and recriminations, and the incendiary secret is inexorably drawn into the spotlight. Unfolding in exquisitely observed detail, Tuesday, After Christmas continues the tradition of taut, subtle drama that has become the hallmark of contemporary Romanian cinema.

Award for Best Actress ex aequo to Mirela Oprisor and Maria Popistasu – Mar del Plata Film Festival, Argentina, 2011
Nominated for Best Film Award – Mar del Plata Film Festival, Argentina, 2011
Nominated for Prix Un Certain Regard – Cannes Film Festival, 2010

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/embed/OCjgL0cEIxY


Viktor Chouchkov Jr.

97’ / 2010

Monday 11.04 @ 20:00
Saturday  09.04 @ 22:00

In the early 90’s, four friends are trying to make money with the dream of opening their own bar, called Tilt. A chance meeting between Stash and Becky leads to a passionate love affair. Suddenly, the friends are caught illegally distributing porn films. Becky’s father, a police detective, takes charge of the case and threatens them with prison. The only way to avoid it would be for Stash and Becky to stop seeing each other. The gang decides to run away to a small German village where they find themselves involved in a series of funny and absurd situations.

Special Jury Award, Best Actor Award (ex aequo) to Yavor Baharov and Best Supporting Role to Ovares Torosyan – Golden Rose Film Festival, Bulgaria 2010

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/embed/gr2_Ad8Vp7E


Dragomir Sholev

88’ / 2010

Friday  15.04 @ 20:00
Wednesday 13.04 @ 22:00

While they have been busy switching TV channels, making pickles or discussing politics, the parents of 12-yearold Rado have failed to notice that their son has grown up. They cannot understand why, after disappearing for two days, he isn’t sorry for the anguish he has caused them and why he’s ready to run away from home with the first group of junkies he meets on the street.

Grand Prix for Best Film, Kodak Award for Best Bulgarian Feature Film and Audience Award – Sofia Int’l Film Festival, 2011

La Nostra Vita

Daniele Luchetti

98’ / 2010
Italy, France

Wednesday 13.04 @ 20:00
Sunday 10.04 @ 22:00

Claudio works on a site in the suburbs of Rome. He is madly in love with his wife who is pregnant with their third child. However, a dramatic event comes to upset this simple and happy life. Enraged with life, Claudio seeks to numb his pain by working hard on a risky construction project that threatens to endanger his family’s future.

Best Actor Award (ex aequo with Javier Bardem) to Elio Germano – Cannes Film Festival, 2010
Nominated for European Actor Award for Elio Germano – European Film Awards, 2010

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/embed/K7QdwC-TKbk

Mother of Asphalt

Dalibor Matanić

107’ / 2010

Saturday 16.04 @ 20:00
Thurday 14.04 @ 22:00

Mother of Asphalt is a story about the disintegration and restoration of a young family in Zagreb. Their lives entwine with the life of a lonely individual who is a by-product of the modern society: a young man who desperately craves human contact…

Best Script Award at Balkan Film Fund – Thessaloniki Film Festival, 2009
Award for Best Actress to Marija Skaricic – Pula Film Festival, Croatia, 2010
FIPA D’OR Grand Prize, Grand Prize for Best Actress to Marija Skaricic and Grand Prize for Best Original Soundtrack – FIPA International Festival of Audiovisual Programs, France, 2011

The Knifer

Yannis Economides

108’ / 2009

Tuesday  12.04 @ 22:00
Friday 08.04 @ 20:00

Nick is spending his days lazily in a provincial town, with no present or future. After his father’s death, his uncle, Alekos, prompts him to leave his town and come to Athens with him. Alekos offers him food, accommodation and an easy job.Nick accepts only to be suddenly involved in a strange, in-house job. Isolated in a “grey” Athenian suburb, alone with his uncle and aunt, the balance between them starts to shift…

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/embed/j3-f26uxn84

Inside America

Barbara Eder

107’ / 2010

Sunday  10.04 @ 22:00
Thursday 14.04 @ 20:00

Inside America gives a blunt view into America’s soul, found somewhere between plasma TVs and food stamps. The film is a portrait of six High School kids in a small border town in Texas. Cocaine-addicted cheerleaders, patriotic ROTC-students, gang members and Mexican girls in search of a husband, collide in this story. And yet, they have a lot in common. Together they swear on the American flag, dream of white picket fences and fancy cars, but when each school day ends, reality strikes them like an incurable disease.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/embed/KAPEizfEo_Y

Floating Things

Mircea Daneliuc

90’ / 2009

Saturday 09.04 @ 20:00
Monday 11.04 @ 22:00

Avram notices that the Italians pay good money for trained dogs, and this business makes him a legitimate immigrant. This is his big idea. When he comes back to Romania he starts to breed watch dogs in order to export them to Italy. But his new neighbours are Romanians expelled from Rome. And so the Italian conflict moves to the shores of the Danube. His life becomes more complicated when he involves himself in a romance with his daughter in law…

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/embed/YaaaN-uLw74