April 12 – 20, 2024


Glocal Images: International Competition Section


Homesick Jakob M. Erwa

98′ / 2015
Germany, Austria

Homesick tells the story of ambitious cello student Jessica who moves into her first own flat with her boyfriend Lorenz. When she receives the honorable invitation to represent Germany in an international contest for classic music it seems to be her great opportunity. The increasing pressure and stress begin to noticeably gnaw on Jessica’s everyday life and pretty soon reality and imagination blur.

In the presence of the director


Zeresenay Berhane Mehari

99′ / 2014
Ethiopia, USA

Meaza Ashenafi is a young lawyer who operates under the government’s radar helping women and children in Ethiopia. This is until one young girl’s legal case exposes everything, threatening not only her career but her survival.

The Chambermaid Lynn

Ingo Haeb

90′ / 2014

No chambermaid is as thorough as Lynn Zapatek: her whole world revolves entirely around the task of cleaning. In order to understand what drives other people, she rummages through the possessions of the hotel guests and hides under their beds at night, hoping to find the secrets behind their lives. When she comes across the call girl Chiara, who offers her services in the hotel, she dares to venture out of her cocoon.

In the presence of the actress Vicky Krieps

Impressions of a Drowned Man

Kyros Papavassiliou
82′ / 2015
Cyprus, Slovenia, Greece

Totally disconnected from his past and memory, the Passenger tries to define himself confronted by his pre-determined fate, a fate that he has to re-live upon every anniversary of his death.

In the presence of the director


Sophie Artus

85′ / 2014

This is the story of three sensitive teenagers who are forced to deal with violence: violence at home and at school. A story of friendship, love and hate, where the adolescents’ world is revealed as cruel and beautiful; a world where the desire to die or kill and the will to live, will define their fate.

 In the presence of the director

A Blast

Syllas Tzoumerkas

84′ / 2014
Greece, Germany

Maria is speeding on the highway. Behind her, there is fire and a case full of money. In front of her, there is the hopeless vastness of the motorway. Just a day ago, she was a caring mother, a loving wife, a responsible daughter. Today, she has gone rogue.

In the presence of the scriptwriter Youla Boudali

Three Windows and a Hanging

Isa Qosja
94′ / 2014
Kosovo, Germany

A harrowing tale about a village forced to come to terms with the raping of women by Serb forces during the 1998-99 Kosovo war. The film seeks to tackle a sensitive issue that has largely been kept out of the spotlight for over a decade.

 In the presence of the director


Eric Cherrière
108′ / 2014

Pierre Tardieu is a temporary worker in a major French city. He lives in an old house with his ill father. No one is aware of his existence. Pierre falls in love. Pierre is a serial killer.

 In the presence of the director

The Goob

Guy Myhill

84′ / 2014
United Kingdom

In the middle of a heatwave in Fenland, England, Goob Taylor has spent each of his sixteen summers helping his mother run the transport café, and harvest the surrounding pumpkin fields. When his mother shacks up with swarthy stock-car race driver and ladies’man, Goob becomes an unwelcome side thought. However Goob’s world turns when exotic pumpkin picker Eva arrives. Fueled by her flirtatious comments, Goob dreams of better things.