April 12 – 20, 2024


Tribute: Hal Hartley


Hal Hartley
107′ / 1990

Maria is a self-centered teenage suburban brat, until she gets pregnant by her un-loving quarterback boyfriend and gives her father a fatal heart attack. Matthew is a rowdy and disillusioned computer engineer with a vicious temper. Disowned by her devastated mom, dumped by her boyfriend, and shunned by her friends, Maria wanders the streets and bumps into Matthew. These two exiles fall in love and set out trying to become a normal, domestic, suburban couple. But these troubled lives evolve in unexpected ways and Maria grows into a responsible person that few conventional notions of “ordinary” can contain.


Hal Hartley
85′ / 1995
USA, Japan, Germany

In New York: Bill is a good-natured but spoiled guy whose girlfriend, Emily, gives him an ultimatum: make a commitment or end the relationship. While in Berlin: Dwight is a precocious young American who lives with Johan, an older German art dealer. Whereas in Toky a quiet and unassuming dance student named Miho is kissed by her respected teacher, Mister Ozu. Three cities, three stories, three love affairs. What do they each choose to do?

Henry Fool

Hal Hartley
137′ / 1997

After would-be writer and ex-con Henry Fool inspires lowly trash man Simon Grim to pen prizewinning poetry, he becomes a media phenomenon. But as Simon’s success continues to grow, Henry finds his literary fortunes falling in this allegorical satire.