April 12 – 20, 2024



Mother I Love You

Janis Nords
83’ / 2013 Latvia

2104 Τ 10:00

12-year-old Raimonds does what he can to make his strict mother proud – he even plays the saxophone in the school band instead of riding his kickboard in a skate park. Thanks to his friend Peteris, whose mother is a cleaner, Raimonds gets hold of the keys to a fancy apartment and wants to spend the night there. Unfortunately, the owner comes back home with a girl, who not only robs him but also takes Raimonds’ saxophone. The boy has to venture into the night Riga to get the instrument back.

Lola on the Pea

Thomas Heinemann
92’ / 2014 Germany

22 04 W 10:00

Lola lives on a house boat called “The Pea” together with her mother. Since her father vanished into thin air, she has become an outsider at her school. But suddenly two events tear Lola out of her lonely world. One: her mother has a new boyfriend, his name is Kurt, and Lola does everything she can to get her mother and Kurt to split. And then there is Rebin, the mysterious new student in her class. Rebin’s mother’s illness and asking Kurt for help, will help Lola see her social surroundings in a different light.


Avinash Arun
107′ / 2014

23 04 T 18:00
20 04 M 18:00

Trying to cope with the recent death of his father, 11-year-old Chinu moves froma big city to a small Konkan town because of his mother’s job transfer. He finds itdifficult to adjust to the new environment and he feels alienated and reluctant toopen up to other people. Both Chinu and his mother deal with their own individualstruggles and anxieties in the new town. In the end of this process, they emergewith new experiences as newer people, both healed and enriched.

Ice Dragon

Martin Högdahl
80’ / 2013 Sweden

24 04 F 10:00

Eleven-year-old Mik lives in Stockholm, with his older brother Tony and their alcoholic dad. Mik likes whales, hard rock and drawing. He’s heard that whales cry when they get lost and when he is all alone he thinks he can hear whales crying. One day, Social Services decide that Mik has to be temporarily placed with his aunt Lena in a small community in northern Sweden. There, he befriends Bengt and Bertil, the two brothers living next door. Bengt teaches Mik how to fish for “Ice Dragons” (a nickname for “pikes”). Mik then runs away on an ice dragon, owns a cat factory, falls in love for the first time and eventually finds his way home.

The Boy and the World

Alê Abreu
80′ / 2014 Brazil

24 04 F 18:00
26 04 S 18:00

A Brazilian animation film that truly exemplifies the power of imagery and music as a combination that has more than enough to portray a powerful and deep message. It shows an adventurous quest that illustrates the issues of the modern world through the eyes of a child. A cautionary tale of globalization, the film teaches above all the dangers of the massification of the economy, of the mind, and of the soul.