21 - 29 April 2023


Viewfinder- A Close Up of Contemporary International Cinema


Damien Chazelle
107′ / 2014

Andrew Neyman is an ambitious young jazz drummer who studies at one of the best music conservatories of the US, under the tutorship of Terence Fletcher: one of the most demanding, and tough jazz music mentors.


Xavier Dolan

139′ / 2014

In a fictional Canada, where a new law allows distressed parents to abandon their problematic children to health care institutions, a widow tries to cope with her violent and troublemaking son. While they both try to make ends meet, living under the same roof, Kyla, a mysterious neighbour, offers her help. Although Kyla’s heart-warming presence becomes increasingly intense, several questions remain unanswered about her own life.

Corn Island

George Ovashvili

100′ / 2014

Corn Island is a psychological drama. The action in the film takes place at the natural border of the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict –the Enguri River. The spring floods create a small island in the middle of the river, where an old peasant grows corn. Later, a Georgian border policeman comes to the island and changes the seemingly ideal life of the old peasant and his 16-year old granddaughter.

Magical Girl

Carlos Vermut

127′ / 2014
Spain, France

Determined to fulfill the wish of his terminally ill 12-year-old daughter – to own the expensive costume of a Japanese anime character – Luis decides to blackmail a rich and mentally disturbed woman and drives her into a dark world. Seeking revenge on Luis, she turns for help to a man from her past.


Andrey Zvyagintsev
140′ / 2014

Leviathan is a gripping parable of class, faith and corruption, centering on a dispute – between a small-time mechanic and the local authorities – that will lead to dire consequences.


Panos Koutras
134′ / 2014

After their mother’s death, two brothers, Danny and Odysseas, 16 and 18 years old respectively, embark on a journey across Greece to find their father, who had abandoned them when they were younger. Their goal is to obtain Greek citizenship as well as the participation of talented Odysseas in a song contest in Thessaloniki. During their journey, they will encounter both friends and enemies, they will strive for a better life and come of age without giving up their right to dream.