April 12 – 20, 2024

Welcome Address by the Mayor of Nicosia

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 20th edition of Cyprus Film Days International Festival 2022, the greatest film event of our country.

We are, yet again, looking forward to discovering the rich and diverse selection of films that give the opportunity to the viewer to encounter the work and concerns of talented filmmakers, as well as to follow in their footsteps through the big screen. 

Cyprus Film Days 2022 is a milestone of artistic creation; the annual spring rendez-vous of filmmakers and festival goers of all ages, promises to its audience yet another unique experience. Its success throughout the years, completing this year its second decade, while constantly evolving and developing, constitutes the strongest evidence of its high quality, and of the multitude of emotions experienced by the viewers while watching the films.

The Municipality of Nicosia holds the Festival under its auspices, being a strong supporter and one of its loyal partners. Besides, the support of our Municipality in general towards cultural events that enhance the artistic creation and expression, is indeed solid and multifaceted.

Especially at these challenging times, during which the global health crisis has negatively affected our mental health and has dramatically changed our daily life, Art has been providing the “oxygen” and the way out. We are all in need of “escaping” through the art of cinema, of becoming moved, laughing heartily, travelling mentally, reflecting and, last but not least, becoming better people. 

I wish to congratulate the organisers of this event, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, and the Rialto Theatre, as well as all those who have contributed to the implementation of the Festival. Let’s enjoy together this fascinating experience.

Constantinos Yiorkadjis
Mayor of Nicosia