April 12 – 20, 2024


Selected Projects


21-23 April 2021, Cyprus

The 2nd edition of Dot on the Map Industry Days will take place in an online environment from the 21st to the 23rd of April 2021. Seven teams of producers – directors with projects originating from countries of the Mediterranean Sea will “pitch” their new feature film projects at the co-production forum-Dot on the Map Meeting Point-  to representatives of the international film industry. Following group works and individual meetings, the filmmakers will take steps towards forming future collaborations between other filmmakers, international producers, financiers, sales agents, broadcasters, distributors, festival and film fund representatives.

The organisation received project submissions from across the countries of the Mediterranean Sea. The evaluation committee, has chosen seven (7) fiction feature film projects, at development stage. The following projects were selected for the year 2021:

  • Gizem, Writer – Director – Producer: Stelana Kliris, Production Company: Meraki Films, Country: Cyprus
  • Over Time and Distance, Writer – Director: Yotam Ben-David, Producer: Jérôme Blesson, Production Company: La Belle Affaire Productions, Countries: France, Israel, Italy
  • Lives of Hamid, Writers: Jonathan Millet & Florence Rochat, Director: Jonathan Millet, Producer: Pauline Seigland, Production Company: Films Grand Huit, Country: France
  • The Hive, Writer – Director: Marco Pellegrino, Producer: Giada Mazzoleni, Production Company: Paguro Film Ltd, Countries: UK, Italy
  • Longer Will Be the Night, Writer – Director: Latifa Said, Producer: Richard Djoudi, Production Company: Show Guest Entertainment, Countries: Algeria, France, Qatar
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, Writer – Director: Mohamed Samir, Producer: Marwa Abdalla, Production Company: DayDream Art Production, Countries: Egypt, France
  • Philax, Writer – Director: Rûken Tekes, Producers: Balam Bingül & Billur Arikan, Production Company: Sarya Films Collective, Country: Turkey


To participate in the 2nd Dot on the Map Industry Days, please request an accreditation here.