April 12 – 20, 2024


Viewfinder 2024


Christian Petzold
103′, 2023 | Germany

SCREENING: Limassol (16/04), 22:00 / Nicosia (19/4), 20:00

A small holiday house by the Baltic Sea. The days are hot and it hasn’t rained in weeks. Four young people come together, friends old and new. As the parched forests around them begin to ignite, so do their emotions. Happiness, lust and love; but also jealousies, resentments and tensions. Meanwhile, the forests burn. And before long, the flames are there.

Selected Awards:

  • Grand Jury Prize – Silver Berlin Bear, Berlin International Film Festival, Germany, 2023.
  • Best International Film, Sao Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil, 2023.
  • Nominated for Best Film – San Sebastian International Film Festival, Spain, 2023.
  • Best Film Award – FIPRESCI Prize & Golden Tower, Palic Film Festival, Serbia, 2023.

Do not Expect too much from the End of the World

Radu Jude
163′, 2023 | Romania, Luxembourg, France, Croatia

SCREENING: Limassol (19/04), 22:00 / Nicosia (17/4), 22:00

Part One: We follow Angela, an overworked production assistant who must drive around the city of Bucharest in order to film the casting for a “safety at work” video commissioned by a multinational company, ostensibly to raise awareness among its own employees on the various dangers that lead to work-related accidents. Soon she encounters Marian, a half-paralysed worker, who gets the part.

Part Two: When Marian reveals on camera that his work-related accident is due to the company’s negligence, his statement ignites a scandal, which forces him to re-invent his story to suit the company’s narrative.

Selected Awards:

  • Best Performance – Silver Hugo, Chicago International Film Festival, USA, 2023.
  • Best Film Award, Gijon International Film Festival, Spain, 2023.
  • Special Jury Prize, Locarno International Film Festival, Switzerland, 2023.
  • Special Jury Award, Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival, Portugal, 2023.
  • Fiction Feature Prize, Montclair Film Festival, USA, 2023.

Green Border

Agnieszka Holland
147’, 2023 | Poland, France, Czech Republic, Belgium

SCREENING: Limassol (17/04), 20:00 / Nicosia (18/4), 22:00

In the treacherous and swampy forests that make up the so called “green border” between Belarus and Poland, refugees from the Middle East and Africa trying to reach the European Union are trapped in a geopolitical crisis cynically engineered by Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko. In an attempt to provoke Europe, refugees are lured to the border by propaganda promising easy passage to the EU. Pawns in this hidden war, the lives of Julia, a newly minted activist who has given up her comfortable life, Jan, a young border guard, and a Syrian family intertwine.

Selected Awards:

  • Special Jury Prize & Premio CinemaSara Award & Green Drop Award, Venice Film Festival, Italy, 2023.
  • Best International Feature, Audience Choice Award, Chicago International Film Festival, USA, 2023.
  • Bridging the Borders Award, Palm Springs International Film Festival, USA, 2023.
  • People’s Choice Award, Toronto Polish Film Festival, Canada, 2023.

Perfect Days

Wim Wenders
123′, 2023 | Japan, Germany

SCREENING: Limassol (13/04), 22:00 / Nicosia (16/4), 22:00

Hirayama seems utterly content with his simple life as a cleaner of toilets in Tokyo. Outside of his very structured everyday routine, he enjoys his passion for music and books. And he loves trees and takes photos of them. A series of unexpected encounters gradually reveal more of his past. A deeply moving and poetic reflection on finding beauty in the everyday world around us.

Selected Awards:

  • Nominated for Best International Feature Film – Academy Awards, USA, 2024.
  • Best Actor & Prize of the Ecumenical Jury – Cannes Film Festival, France, 2023.
  • Best Film Award – Asia Pacific Screen Award, Australia, 2023.
  • Most Original Film Award, Sognielettrici – Festival dell’immaginario fantastico e di fantascienza, Milan, Italy.

The Old Oak

Ken Loach
113′, 2023 |UK

SCREENING: Limassol (15/04), 22:00 / Nicosia (19/4), 22:00

The Old Oak is a special place. Not only is it the last pub standing, it is the only remaining public space where people can meet in a once thriving mining community that has now fallen on hard times after 30 years of decline. TJ Ballantyne (Dave Turner) the landlord hangs on to The Old Oak by his fingertips, and his hold is endangered even more when the pub becomes contested territory after the arrival of Syrian refugees who are placed in the village. An unlikely friendship develops when TJ encounters a young Syrian with a camera, Yara (Ebla Mari). Can they find a way for the two communities to understand each other? 

Selected Awards:

  • Audience Award – Best Film, Ghent International Film Festival, Belgium, 2023.
  • Audience Award, Locarno International Film Festival, Switzerland, 2023.
  • Best Actor Award & Best Film – Audience Award, Valladolid International Film Festival, Spain, 2023.
  • Audience Award, Palic Film Festival, Serbia, 2023.
  • Audience Award – Special Presentations, Calgary International Film Festival, Canada, 2023.