April 12 – 20, 2024


Re-Possessed – Thematic Screenings

Curated by Dr. Markos Hadjioannou (film theorist) and Loizos Olympios (visual artist), “Re-Possessed” are thematic film screenings dedicated to the topic of possession in contemporary world cinema. The idea behind the chosen program is to examine the uncommon approaches with which the theme of possession has been examined in film across the globe, and across various film genres.

Ordinarily, possession refers to the domination or control of a person by a demon or spirit, a matter that links the theme stereotypically to the genre of horror. Indeed, at times this demon or spirit is a metaphor for some cultural, financial, or political anxiety that takes over an individual or a community psychologically. It is here, though, that we see possession to be a form of obsession that is transferred from the self to some external force. In other words, while possession refers to the domination of a person’s body, mind, or soul by another agent – thus externalizing the source of the psychological dysfunction – obsession, on the other hand, expresses the preoccupation uninterruptedly, intrusively, and to a troubling extent by one’s own thoughts and/or emotions. Possession as obsession, therefore, is a psychological state that shifts the focus of the problem from external and alien worlds to the internal space of the individual’s self. “Re-Possessed” turns to these themes in order to look at how filmmakers from various cinema cultures reconfigure the idea of possession within the realm of the personal.

The program consists of five screenings, each one presenting one short film and one feature length film, which form a study of possession from a specific point of view each time. This tactic unites the short and the feature film, showcasing how the two forms can co-exist and offer similarly powerful emotions and ideas. In turning to the various forms of possession, these screenings examine the theme as it appears across a range of film forms from avant-garde cinema, experimental animation, independent cinema, American underground, and world cinema. Screenings will be held after midnight and in the afternoons. Entrance is free.

With this year’s programme, the Festival aspires once again to give cinema-goers the opportunity to watch films intended as social interventions and, apart from offering quality entertainment, make room for analytical thinking and discussion.

As in previous years, the public can take an active part in the Festival by choosing and awarding the prize for Best Film. Spectators will also have the opportunity to discuss this year’s films with some of the filmmakers, cast and crew attending the Festival.