April 12 – 20, 2024


Special Screening

By Miracle

Marinos Kartikkis
85’ / 2010

Saturday 16.04 @ 18:00
Friday 15.04 @ 20:00

Aliki and Andreas, a couple in their thirties, try to have a baby a year after the death of their 4-year old daughter. Marios, a man in his late twenties, living with his mother Demetra, tries to satisfy his sexual needs by having casual encounters with men in the park. Aliki develops an interest in miracles when she hears in the news about an icon of Virgin Mary believed to weep and perform miracles. Meanwhile Marios becomes interested in a young man he meets at the pool while Demetra is constantly concerned about her son. One day, while visiting her husband’s grave, Demetra sees Aliki in front of her daughter’s grave and is intrigued