April 12 – 20, 2024


National Competition Section

Family Member

Marinos Kartikkis
104′ / 2015

Υiorgos and Sophia are trying hard to cope with their financial problems and the needs of their two children. The grandfather helps them out with his pension since the family business, a small grocery store, does not provide them with enough income. The grandfather suddenly dies and they decide to keep it a secret for as long as they can so as to continue collecting the money from his pension. But things become more complicated when officers from the department of social security starts looking for the grandfather.

 In the presence of the director

Conveyor Belt

Alexia Roider

62′ / 2015

Marios, an airport worker, lives a lonely and quiet life. He draws no attention to himself . However, he has a secret passion. He takes home forgotten, unclaimed and lost luggage. In the safety of his own world, he methodically examines the contents of each luggage; the textures, the smells, the colours…All the little details become clues of another life and a person unknown to him. Yet they are his only solace and connection to the world. This obsession has become his life’s purpose, an addiction that he cannot escape from and eventually it becomes a quest for something he doesn’t even know he is looking for…

In the presence of the director

The Magic Beans

Theo Panayides

101′ / 2015

Four actors (and their annoying friend) wait in an old house for their teacher who will give a drama workshop. When they get hungry, they buy five portions of beans from a nearby restaurant. However, the beans lead to comical hallucinations and weird goings-on, enabling them to resolve their personal issues in unexpected ways.

In the presence of the director