April 12 – 20, 2024


Programme for children and youth 2022

Petite Maman (Κ)

Céline Sciamma
72′, 2021, France
SCREENINGS: Limassol (10/04), 16:00 / Nicosia (09/4), 16:00

Eight-year-old Nelly has just lost her beloved grandmother and is helping her parents clean out her mother’s childhood home. She explores the house and the surrounding woods where her mom, Marion, used to play and built the treehouse she has heard so much about. One day her mother abruptly leaves. That is when Nelly meets a girl her own age in the woods, building a treehouse. Her name is Marion.


Selected Awards

  • Audience Prize, San Sebastian International Film Festival, Spain, 2021.
  • FIPRESCI Award, Stockholm International Film Festival, Sweden, 2021.
  • Best French Language Film, Film by the Sea International Film Festival, Netherlands, 2021.
  • Best Film Award, Alice Nella Citta, Italy, 2021.
  • LAFCA Award, Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards, USA, 2021.
  • ADF Cinematography Award, Mar del Plata Film Festival, Argentina, 2021.

Mezquite’s Heart (K)

Ana Laura Calderón
74′, 2019,  Mexico

SCREENINGS: Limassol (13/04), 16:00 / Nicosia (10/4), 16:00

Lucía, a Yoreme girl in Northern Mexico, dreams of healing her father’s broken heart by playing the harp, which is traditionally played only by men in her community.



  • Best Film Award, The City of Malmo Children’s Film Award, BUFF International Film Festival, Sweden, 2021.
  • Schlingel Award, SCHLINGEL International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience, Germany, 2020.

Vacarme (15+)

Frederick Neegan Trudel
75′, 2020, Canada
SCREENINGS: Limassol (12/04), 18:00 / Nicosia (11/4), 18:00

Thirteen-year-old Émilie has been placed in a youth protection group home. Confronted by strict new rules and the authoritarian presence of her case worker, she chooses to flee her new reality even if this means denying her own needs. All she wants is to fill her need for love even if this means returning, at any cost, to her egocentric mother. Worse, the young girl is subjected to the bad influence of sixteen-year-old Ariel, her roommate with whom she gets into a lot of trouble. But each meeting Émilie has with Renaud, who gives her guitar lessons, are for her glimmers of hope.



  • Prix Iris for Best First Film, Jutra Awards, Quebec, Canada, 2021.
  • Club of Festivals Youth Award, SCHLINGEL International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience, Germany, 2020.

I Never Cry (15+)

Piotr Domalewski
100′, 2020, Poland, Ireland
SCREENINGS: Limassol (11/04), 18:00 / Nicosia (12/4), 18:00

Ola’s dad, who is always absent, as he works on a construction site in Ireland, has promised her a car for her upcoming 18th birthday. When news of his death comes blasting, Ola sets out from Poland to retrieve her father’s ashes, finding herself against a ruthless bureaucracy and the shock of his secret life.


Selected Awards

  • Cineuropa Prize, Mons International Festival of Love Films, Belgium, 2021.
  • Best Supporting Actress & Best Cinematography Awards, Polish Film Awards, Poland, 2021.
  • Best Debut Actor, Best Score, Best Screenplay and Best Film Awards, Polish Film Festival, 2020, Poland.
  • Audience Award, Best International Director, Golden Rooster Awards, 2021.
  • Michael Dwyer Discovery, Dublin International Film Festival, 2021, Ireland. 
  • Best European Debut – Volkswagen Financial Services Filmpreis, Braunschweig International Film Festival, Germany, 2020.