April 12 – 20, 2024


Public Screenings For Children

Supa Modo

Likarion Wainaina
74’, 2018 Kenya, Germany

@Zena Palce Nicosia 14/4 -16:00

Suitable for 12+

Nine-year-old Jo loves action films and dreams of becoming a superhero. Her biggest wish: to make a film and star in it. In her fantasy, she sometimes forgets that she is terminally ill.

The Witch Hunters

Rasko Miljkovic
90’, 2018, Serbia

@Rialto Theatre Limassol 14/4 – 10:00 @Zena Palce Nicosia 13/4 -16:00

Suitable for 12+

Ten-year-old Jovan has a partial cerebral palsy. His condition has shaped his everyday life and made him thinking of himself as invisible to others – to his parents and his classmates. The (extra)ordinary life he is used to, is suddenly shaken by a new classmate, Milica, who invites him to liberate her father from a witch who cast a spell on him.