April 12 – 20, 2024


Minister of Education & Culture

Address of the Minister of Education and Culture of Cyprus Mr. Costas Kadis

to the 13th International Film Festival “CYPRUS FILM DAYS 2015”
As we approach the thirteenth edition of our International Film Festival, we cannot help but notice how it has grown over the years, bringing together films from a wide spectrum of the world of cinema, that work both as food for thought and sources of pleasure. The newly founded competition section of “Cyprus Film Days” raises our profile to an important annual meeting of international filmmakers. At the same time, it provides the public of Cyprus with an alternative cinematic option.

This year “Cyprus Film Days IFF” showcases feature films from across the world, in its official competition section entitled “Glocal Images”. This section is intended to showcase films which capture the particular nuances of local cinema and at the same time maintain their affinities, in terms of themes and style, with contemporary international filmmaking.

In its dual nature, on the one hand an escapist form of entertainment which provides access to imaginary worlds and spectacle-driven stories, and on the other hand, a means to seek truth and freedom from the oftentimes torturous human condition, cinema is for many the ultimate form of art.

Moviegoers have responded to this call in great numbers, eager to participate in events other than viewing, such as the audience award and discussions with filmmakers after screenings. This is precisely how the festival’s role has evolved into an opportunity to ponder over the mission of cinema in our time.

This year, the films selected by the Festival’s artistic committee cover the entire width of the world map, with an emphasis on the cinema of countries that surround Cyprus and promote filmmaking both as art and a tool of intercultural dialogue. Cinema’s diachronic influence is a testament to its power but also its potential to communicate messages, promote values, and expose and examine controversial issues.

I wish the best of luck to the festival and extend my congratulations to the artistic committee, director and producer Tonia Mishiali, academic Dr. Costas Constantinides and director Stelana Kliris, for the excellent lineup they have compiled for us this year. Finally, I wish to thank the Mayors of Nicosia and Limassol, Constantinos Yiorkadjis and Andreas Christou respectively, for their valuable support as well as Rialto Theatre and its associates. This event would not have materialized without their contribution. Last but not least, it would be an omission on my part not to thank the sponsors of “Cyprus Film Days”, as part of this presentation is down to them.

Costas Kadis
Minister of Education and Culture