April 12 – 20, 2024


Welcome Notes


On the way to the ninth installment of what can aptly be called a mini International Film Festival, we cannot but notice how well it has grown over the years, bringing together films from a wide spectrum of the world of cinema, that work both as food for thought and sources of fine pleasure.
The new and renewed form bestowed as of this year on ?Cyprus Film Days? through its newly founded competition section raises its profile to an important annual meeting of international filmmakers. At the same time, it provides the public of Cyprus with an alternative option, one that has always been expected of the State.
This year Cyprus Film Days IFF features movies from across the world, running for the first time in official competition. Titled ?Glocal Images?, the competition section is intended to showcase those movies which capture the particular ?nuances? of local cinema and at the same time maintain their affinities, in terms of themes and style, with contemporary movie making. Another innovation brought forward by the festival this year is the international jury panel, assigned with viewing the movies and proclaiming the winners.

In its dual nature, on the one hand an industry of escape from the daily problems faced by man and society, namely an escape into painless imaginary dreams; and on the other hand, a means to seek truth and catharsis from the oftentimes torturous human condition, the cinema is for many the utter form of art in this day and age.

Moviegoers have responded to this call in great numbers, eager to participate in events other than mere viewing, such as the people?s choice, and discussions with movie makers at the end of screenings. This is precisely how the festival?s role has evolved into an opportunity to ponder over the mission of cinema in our time.

The response of cinema goers, especially young people, to this cinematic celebration which works as a pole of attraction for substantial civilization, has been the motive the Ministry was waiting for in order to upgrade the institution.

This year, the film selections of the Festival?s artistic committee cover the entire width of world map, with an emphasis on the cinema of countries that surround Cyprus and promote filmmaking both as an art and a tool of intercultural dialogue.

Cinema?s diachronic influence attests its power but also its potential to communicate messages, promote values, expose and disparage problematic situations.

I wish the best of luck to the festival and extend my congratulations to the artistic committee, director Adonis Florides, academic Costas Constantinides and cinema theoretician and journalist Constantinos Sarkas, for the excellent lineup they have compiled for us this year. Finally, I wish to thank the Mayors of Nicosia and Limassol, Eleni Mavrou and Andreas Christou respectively, for their valuable support as well as the Rialto and its associates: without their contribution, this event would not have materialized. Last but not least, it would be an omission on my behalf not to thank the sponsors of ?Cyprus Film Days?; part of this presentation is owed to them.

Dr Andreas Demetriou
Minister of Education and Culture


FOR THE 'CYPRUS FILM DAYS International Film Festival 2011'
Cinema has the power, especially in our days, to have a great influence over people on a massive scale. Its power exceeds geographic boundaries and cultural frameworks, and breaks borders and traditions shaping ways of thinking and creating awareness.

Throughout its history cinema was and still is considered to be an art form; from the first years of its invention, cinema was also informing audiences on the existing trends and views in societies. Although a film might be a point of view on reality and not reality itself, the fact that it is inspired by human beings, makes it more accessible to us all.

It is, therefore, with great pleasure that we have seen during the past years that a series of events have emerged, which focus on cinema. The annual festival ‘Cyprus Film Days International Film Festival 2011’ which will be presented in Nicosia and Limassol in April with the support of the Municipality of Nicosia, is perhaps the most celebrated cinematic event, as the addition of the International Competition Section entitled Glocal Images and creates a new dynamic and a new interest.

‘Cyprus Film Days International Film Festival 2011’ presents filmmaking that is sincere and, often, bravely addresses social, political, and other issues that exist in contemporary societies. We are certain that cinephiles and new audiences will embrace the festival, as in previous years, and enjoy the magic of cinema.

Message from the Mayor of Limassol, Mr Andreas Christou

for the 9th International Film Festival - Cyprus Film Days 2011 (8-17 April 2011)

It is with great pleasure that I welcome this year the 9th Film Festival ‘Cyprus Film Days – 2011’ which has been upgraded to an International competition festival.

The RIALTO Theatre’s initiative in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture acquires a new dimension and has now entered an exciting new phase which brings Cypriot creators and audiences in contact with the international film production and specifically with creative fiction cinema.

The Municipality of Limassol wholeheartedly supports this effort being certain not only of its success but also of its contribution to the city’s and Cyprus’ cultural events.

The appreciation and interest with which the audience has held this event as well as the fact that it has a continuous presence for nine years, shows its importance and its role.

The Festival’s organizers – the Ministry of Education and Culture as well as the RIALTO Theatre – deserve congratulations for this effort.