April 12 – 20, 2024

Awards 2016

Best Film Award
The Gulls
Ella Manzheeva, Russia

Special Jury Award
Let Them Come
Salem Brahimi, France, Algeria

Best Director Award
Renars Vimba
Mellow Mud, Latvia

Honorary Distinctions
Georgios Zois, Greece/ France/ Croatia/ Italy/ Bosnia-Herzegovina
Emil Christov (cinematography)
Losers, Bulgaria
Baba Joon
Yuval Delshad, Israel

Audience Award
Elias Demetriou, Greece

Best Film

For its artistically coherent portrayal of human dignity in an unexposed cultural environment; for its visual authenticity and integrity, and for a debut film that introduces us to a promising new filmmaker,» the Best Film award went to THE GULLS by Ella Manzheeva. The award is accompanied by the sum of €6,000.

Special Jury Award
This award went to «an important portrayal of a certain period in history that was largely ignored by the Western world. At the same time, it still reflects our current political climate. For its social sensitivity and courage,» the Special Jury award went to LET THEM COME by
Salem Brahimi. The award is accompanied by the sum of €3,000.

Best Director Award
For a visual style that serves the cohesive narration, for his diligent and focused cooperation with a non-professional actress and for interaction between pace and characterisation, resulting in a successful translation of the director’s vision,» the award for Best Director
was won by Renars Vimba for MELLOW MUD. The award is accompanied by the sum of €1000 and post production mastering services, worth of €3500, and offered by the Greek company, Authorwave. The prize was handed to the winner by Mr Panos Bisdas, Director of Authorwave Hellas.

Honorary Distinctions
For the groundbreaking approach to its subject matter and its intense visual style, in particular cinematography, art direction and costumes, a special mention goes to INTERRUPTION, by Georgios Zois. For its constructive support of a difficult dramaturgy and its excellent use of black and white, a special mention goes to LOSERS for its cinematography by Emil Christov. For the authentic casting and direction of the young protagonist and the valid portrayal of the patriarchal system in this region, a special mention goes to BABA JOON, by Yuval Delshad.

Audience Award
ΤΗΕ FAMOUS GROUSE» audience award was won by SMAC, by Cypriot director Elias Demetriou. The award is accompanied by the sum of €1,000, sponsored by ACM CHRISTOFIDES Ltd.