April 12 – 20, 2024


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Just 6,5

Saeed Roustaee
135′, 2019, Iran
SCREENING: RIALTO (17.04)› 15:30  / ZENA (22.04) › 15:30

Detective Samad of the Anti-Drug Task Force takes on Nasser, a notorious drug kingpin, in a fierce battle to stem the rising tide of drug addiction in Iran. This is not a “good vs. evil” duel, but a Sisyphean battle of perpetual defeat.

Selected Awards

  1. 2019 Best Editing, Sound Recording and Audience Awards, Fajr Film Festival, Iran.
  2. 2019 Best Motion Picture, Best Director, Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture and Best Cinematography Awards, Hafez Ceremony, Iran.
  3. 2019 Best Actor and Best Director Awards, Tokyo International Film Festival, Japan.


Alejandro Landes
102′, 2019, Colombia, USA
SCREENING: RIALTO (18.04) › 16:00 / ZENA (21.04)› 16:00

In a remote mountaintop setting somewhere in Latin America, a rebel group of teenage commandos perform military training exercises while watching over a prisoner and a conscripted milk cow for a shadowy force known only as The Organization. After an ambush drives the squadron into the jungle, fracturing their intricate bond, the mission begins to collapse.

Selected Awards

  1. 2020 Cine Latino Award, Palm Springs International Film Festival, USA.
  2. 2019 Best Film Award, Art Film Festival, Cannes.
  3. 2019 Special Jury Award, Sundance Film Festival, USA.
  4. 2019 Best Film Award, Transylvania International Film Festival, Romania.
  5. 2019 Best Original Score, Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema, Argentina.
  6. 2019 Best Music Award, Ghent International Film Festival, Belgium.
  7. 2019 FIPRESCI Prize for Best Film Award, Ljubljana International Film Festival, Slovenia.
  8. 2019 Best Film Award, London Film Festival, UK.
  9. 2019 Sebastiane Award for Best Film, San Sebastian International Film Festival, Spain.

Siege on Liperti Street

Stavros Pamballis
88′, 2019, Greece, Cyprus
SCREENING: RIALTO (24.04) › 16:00 / ZENA (18.04) › 16:00

An unemployed and bankrupt husband and father is forced to take up arms to hold on to the last thing keeping his family together: his home.


2019 Fipresci Prize, Audience Award & Greek Film Critics Association Award, Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece.


Kleber Mendonça Filho, Juliano Dornelles
131′, 2019,Brazil, France
SCREENING: RIALTO (21.04) › 15:30 / ZENA  (23.04) › 15:30

A few years from now…Bacurau, a small town in the Brazilian sertão, mourns the loss of its matriarch, Carmelita, who lived to be 94. Days later, its inhabitantsnotice that their community has vanished from most maps.

Selected Awards

  1. 2020 Best Film and Best Director Awards, Sao Paulo Association of Art Critics Awards, Brazil.
  2. 2020 OFCS Award, Online Film Critics Society Awards.
  3. 2019 Jury Prize, Cannes Film Festival, France.
  4. 2019 Jury Prize for Best Foreign Feature Film, Key West Film Festival, Florida, USA.
  5. 2019 Best Director, Best Film and Critics Awards, Lima Latin American Film Festival, Peru.
  6. 2019 People’s Choice Award, Montreal Festival of New Cinema, Canada.
  7. 2019 Best International Film, ARRI/OSRAM Award, Munich Film Festival, Germany.
  8. 2019 Best Director, Jury and Critics Awards, Sitges Catalonian International Film Festival, Spain.