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Festival Lovers Quick Talk with Danae Stylianou

Cyprus Film Days 2014

Cyprus Film Days 2014
Festival Lovers

Quick Talk


Name: Danae Stylianou

Who is Who: Director, Media and Communication Officer Cyprus Film Days

I belong to the family of Cyprus Film Days

since 2012, when I took over the communication of the festival, but I am of course festival lover since I first started, namely in 2001.

My job is

to inform the public about the news of the festival, the films and the parallel events, and giving them reasons to come to the festival, because the theater is everyone’s concern in many different ways.

Viewers will be able to watch

some of the most award-winning films of the year, films of young creators from all over the world, to talk with the creators and other professionals, participate in workshops, enjoy unique musical performances, but also to vote for their favorite movie by giving it the Audience Award, which this year by the Stella Artois.

On facebook

one can be informed Daily about the films that will be played and more generally about other news of the festival. Mainly, however, through facebook we want to have an open dialogue with the festival lovers, because the objective is to engage as much as possible in the culture of the festival.

I remember at my first Cyprus Film Festival Days

that was my last year at school before going to study film and for me this festival was a source of inspiration! It was kind of like we were starting together at the same time an exciting experience!

This year I look forward to seeing

the iranian film Manuscripts Don’t Burn, of Mohammad Ρασούλοφ, who won the prize of the International association of Film Critics at the Cannes film Festival, because I admire the directors that under the most adverse political conditions and censorship, they manage to create breathtaking movies.

I never expected

that a global economic crisis would come and jeopardise the existence of such institutions both here and throughout the world, but I believe that the public in Cyprus is very supportive of Cyprus Film Days, and we rely heavily on the contribution and attendance of the world to continue to exist, with the support of the Ministry of Culture. Education and culture and the Rialto Theatre.

I remember features

how every year I connect the coming of spring with Cyprus Film Days: breath, optimism, images that stay strongly in mind, inspiration, flower fragrances, celluloid smell!

What makes Cyprus Film Days stand out is

its wide variety of films from all over the world that we do not have the opportunity to watch otherwise in Cyprus as well as promoting public communication with the creators in a simple event, without red carpets and big prizes.

The film that has a special place from all those that were screened in the framework of the festival, was

the tribute to Michael Cacoyannis, which took place in 2012, one year after his death. To me, Cacoyannis marks the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one. He was a director who honored Cyprus, even though he didn’t live here. For me, the films of Cacoyannis, and particularly the older films, conceal the essence of the story (political and social) of Greece and of Cyprus, which today is repeated, just in a way a little different, a little modern, a little dirty, and definitely less romantic.

I hope that at some point

we will have more Cypriot films in the program!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cyprusfilmdays

Site http://www.cyprusfilmdays.com/

Short CV

Danae Stylianou was born in Cyprus in 1984. He studied film at the University of Westminster in London from where he graduated in 2004. Since then, he directed three short films while he worked as an assistant director and casting director in Greek cinema and television, in popular tv series, entertainment shows, movies and commercials. She also worked as a contact person for film festivals and NGO organisations in Cyprus. In 2011 he directed the feature documentary ‘Sharing an island’, which was screened in Cyprus and abroad. Today he is preparing a new documentary film about the economic crisis and the special example of Cyprus.