21 - 29 April 2023

Cypriot Films Competition Section

This section aims to promote locally produced films as well as to introduce them to the Cypriot public and the festival’s international visitors. Cypriot filmmakers can share their work with world renowned industry-related personalities as well as express their views about filmmaking in Cyprus and their work within the context of industry related activities and discussions with the participation of the audience.

The Awards:
Best Cypriot Film Award: This award is accompanied by the amount of €4,000 (euros) which is paid in half (ex aequo) to the Producer (€2,000 euros) and the Director of the film (€2,000 euros).

Best Cypriot Director Award: This award is accompanied by DCP Mastering – Deliverables – Subtitles services (€3,500 euros), sponsored by Authorwave.

Best Actor/Actress Award (National Competition Section): This award is accompanied by the amount of €500 and is offered by Limassol Municipality.