The fourth edition of Dot.on.the.map Industry Days will be held in Cyprus between 27 – 29 April 2023, in the framework of the 21st Cyprus Film Days International Festival.

Eight feature length fiction film projects have been selected to participate in the pitching sessions of the co-production forum, Dot.on.the.Map Meeting Point [Friday, 28 April, 2023, Rialto Theatre, Limassol].

Eight teams of producers – directors with projects originating from countries of the Mediterranean region will pitch their new feature length film projects to representatives of the international film industry. Following group works and individual meetings, the filmmakers will take steps towards forming future artistic and financial collaborations with other filmmakers, international producers, financiers, sales agents, broadcasters, distributors, festival and film fund representatives. Dot.on.the.Map Industry Days provides an excellent opportunity to network with industry professionals from across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa and to explore co-production and distribution opportunities, discuss new projects in development, and pursue cross-border collaborations.

The organisation received numerous project submissions from across the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The evaluation committee has selected eight (8) feature length fiction film projects, all at development stage.

The following projects have been selected for the year 2023 (in alphabetical order):

  • Available Now, Director: Assaf Machnes, Producer: Kobi Mizrahi, Co-producers: Luis Singer, Dennis Schanz, Production Companies: KM Productions, Iconoclast Films, Countries: Israel, Germany
  • Checkpoints, Director: Rita Borodiyanski, Producer: Osnat Saraga, Production Company: Αnaney Studios, Country: Israel
  • Eastern Mediterranean, Director: Aliki Danezi Knutsen, Producers: Aliki Danezi Knutsen, Vladimir Subotic, Ioanna Davi, Production Companies: Roads and Oranges Films, Indigo View, Countries: Cyprus – Greece
  • Grey Glow, Director: Michèle Tyan, Producer: Sabine Sidawi Co-producer: Christine Rouxel, Production Company: Orjouane Productions, Countries: Lebanon, France, Qatar
  • Rabies, Director: Sandra Tabet, Producer: Rana Eid, Co-producer: Thomas Micoulet, Production Companies: DB Studios, Haut les Mains, Countries: Lebanon, France
  • Smaragda, I got thick skin and I can’t jump, Director: Emilios Avraam, Producer: Tonia Mishiali, Production Company: Bark Like a Cat Films, Country: Cyprus
  • Wagako, Director: Coralie Watanabe Prosper, Producer: François Hancy, Co-producer: Miyuki Fukuma, Production Companies: Kyrne Productions, Bunbuku, Countries: France, Japan
  • When I Close My Eyes I See Your Eyes, Director: Sameh Alaa, Producer: Mark Lotfy, Production Company: Fig Leaf Studios, Country: Egypt

The three-member international jury panel that will deliberate upon the awards consists of prominent film professionals from the international film industry. This year’s jury members are: Amanda Livanou (Producer, Neda Film, Greece), Dries Phlypo (Producer, A Private View, Belgium) and Veselka Kiryakova (Producer, Red Carpet Films, Bulgaria). Μοre about the jury here.

To watch the pitching sessions live at the Rialto Theatre and all of the events of the 4th Dot.on.theMap Industry Days, please request an accreditation here.

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