14 – 16 April 2022

In the framework of the 20th Cyprus Film Days International Festival 2022 and in partnership with Thessaloniki International Film Festival Agora


The third edition of Dot.on.the.map Industry Days, organised by the Cyprus Film Days International Festival, the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth and the Rialto Theatre, will be held between 14 – 16 April 2022 in Cyprus, in the framework of the 20th Cyprus Film Days International Festival (8 – 16 April 2022).

Dot.on.the.map Industry Days is a co-production, training and networking platform that brings producers, directors and scriptwriters from countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, from across the three neighbouring continents of Cyprus, together with international film professionals. It provides an opportunity to filmmakers from these countries to present their new feature film projects and network with international industry professionals.

Producers and directors will “pitch” their new feature film projects to representatives of the international film industry. Following group works and individual meetings, the filmmakers will take steps towards forming future collaborations between other filmmakers, international producers, financiers, sales agents, broadcasters, distributors, festival and film fund representatives.

The organisers’ vision is the development of this initiative into a dynamic platform for artistic and financial collaborations, which will contribute to the development of the art of filmmaking in Cyprus and the wider region, serving as a hub for films originating from countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

The forum will be implemented in partnership with Thessaloniki International Film Festival Agora.

Dot.on.the.map Industry Days includes two (2) sections:

  • on.the.map Meeting Point
  • on.the.map Cinema Talks


Dot.on.the.map Meeting Point

Call for Projects

Dot.on.the.map Meeting Point is an international co-production forum which creates a platform to offer filmmakers the opportunity to pitch their projects to the international film industry and to find the right connections to get the projects co-produced, financed, developed and/or distributed.

Dot.on.the.map Meeting Point aims at a strong selection of projects, giving producers and directors the opportunity to present their ideas to a number of potential financial, development and distribution partners during a 3-day event in Cyprus.

Dot.on.the.map Meeting Point presents up to six (6) hand-picked feature-length fiction projects currently in development and financing stage, to a selection of international professionals. Projects originate from countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, from across the three neighbouring continents of Cyprus: Europe, Africa and Asia. Film industry professionals attending are mainly producers, financiers, sales agents, distributors, representatives of film festivals and funds, development experts and broadcasters.

The producers, directors and scriptwriters of the projects chosen for Dot.on.the.map Meeting Point will pitch their projects in a series of prearranged one-on-one meetings and a pitching session. An international jury will determine the projects that will be presented with the awards. The awards will be presented during the closing ceremony of the festival, Saturday, 16 April 2022. The list of awards will be announced at a later stage.


We are looking for:

  • Feature-length fiction film projects from countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea (Europe, Africa and Asia)
  • The projects should be either produced or co-produced by a country within these regions or contain elements in the story that link them to these regions
  • Projects should have a producer and a director attached and have to be looking for co-producers
  • Our main focus in the selection procedure will be on projects that present a high possibility of being realised, combining this quality with artistic elements


The call for project submissions will be open 24 January – 25 February 2022. To access the application form please click here.


General Rules and Selection Criteria

Dot.on.the.map Meeting Point is open to fiction feature length projects by directors with their 1st, 2nd or 3rd film.

  1. The application materials must be in English.
  2. We accept all genres within FICTION only.
  3. A production company or producer may submit two or more
  4. A project should indicate to which other workshops and markets it has previously participated and when, or if it is a completely new project.
  5. The budget of the film should not exceed two (2) million euro.
  6. The projects are evaluated by at least three (3) readers.
  7. The number of selected projects is up to six (6).
  8. The selection will be announced by mid-March 2022.


Application Procedure


All submissions must be received by February 25th, 2022.

By then we need to receive the complete application package (online and in English):

  1. Dot.on.the.map Meeting Point application form

Please make sure to complete the form thoroughly. Once you have completed the online form you cannot make any changes. Elements from the application form will be used for catalogue information should your project be selected.

  1. Materials (must be in one single PDF file)
  2. Synopsis (one (1) paragraph)
  3. The treatment OR the script in English (If you do not have a script yet then send only the treatment. Please note that projects with a script have priority)
  4. Biography/filmography of the producer and production company
  5. Biography/filmography of the director
  6. Director’s statement (regarding the story and the visual style)
  7. Producer’s statement about the financial strategy
  8. Budget outline (Ιn € Εuro)
  9. Financing plan (Ιn € Εuro)
  10. A list of confirmed financing for the project (if available)
  11. Rights agreement between the director and the producer or a letter from the director stating that the particular producer will be representing the project
  12. Previous film/s of the director (online in a secure link)
  13. Mood-board (if available)


Selected projects

Once a project has been selected, two representatives (eg. producer and director) are expected to participate in the 3-day event of Dot.on.the.map Meeting Point in Cyprus (14 – 16 April 2022). Dot.on.the.Map covers accreditation, travel fees of up to €300 (total sum for both participants), 3 nights accommodation, and airport transfers for two representatives per selected project.

Completed film projects which have participated in the co-production forum should mention Dot.on.the.map Meeting Point and display the Dot.on.the.map Industry Days logo in their credits, preferrably stating the following: «[film title] has participated in the [edition number] Dot.on.the.map Meeting Point, the co-production forum within Dot.on.the.map Industry Days, in the framework of the [edition number] Cyprus Film Days International Festival [year]».


Covid-related submission rules:

Dot.on.the.Map Industry Days and Cyprus Film Days IFF operate as Covid-free spaces. By submitting your project to Dot.on.the.Map you understand that the person(s) traveling from abroad to Cyprus representing the project with physical presence must present a vaccination or a recovery certificate in order to participate. For applicants residing in Cyprus, the above rules remain valid along with any other protection measures that may be announced by the Ministry of Health at the time of the event.

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