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Workshops for Children and Youth

Cyprus Film Days for Children and Youth is organising a series of workshops led by film professionals.

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A masterclass on the use of the Screenlife technique, led by one of the executive producers of the film Searching (2018) (for teens 16+).

With Maria Zatulovskaya, executive producer of Searching 

In her masterclass, Maria Zatulovskaya (executive producer of films Unfriended and Searching) will talk about the new language of film — Screenlife. Her masterclass will cover all aspects of the development and production of content set entirely on computer and mobile phone screens, following the stories of our lives in the digital age, and will provide guided analysis through examples within her own films.

16/04 TUE | 16:00-19:00

@ University of Central Lancashire Cyprus (UCLAN), Larnaca

In English



Acting for Teens 

How do actors prepare for iconic scenes? Fly into the world of Spider-Man and find out! (for teens 13+).

Led by Andreani Constanti 

In this scene analysis and application workshop, young actors will embark on a transformative journey to unlock compelling performances. This dynamic session will guide its participants to explore emotion, character depth, and authentic connection. As an exciting twist, we will apply these skills to a scene from Spider Man, providing a thrilling context for actors to showcase their skills and connect with iconic characters in the superhero realm. The workshop will include a short introduction, icebreaking exercises, physical and vocal warm ups, lessons in professional acting techniques, and scene readings.

17/04 WED | 18:00-21:00

@Directors’ Guild of Cyprus, Nicosia

In Greek



Film your Dreams

A collaborative filmmaking workshop in collaboration with the Cyprus Autism Association (for teens 15-21).

Led by Dionysia Kopana 

In this workshop, we will probe into the art of cinema and dreams, exploring the manner in which their mechanisms resemble one another. Films are composed of images, and so are dreams: both deal in the images which come together to tell a story. Following this premise, we will combine the concepts of our dreams into one film, unleashing our imagination and exploring the emotional landscapes of our incredible inner worlds. Urged on by narratives with the camera as a tool, we will investigate how the language of film relates to the art of dreams. Through this process, we will create a short film that will narrate our dreams in the form of cinematic poetry.

18/04 THU | 10:00-14:00

@Cyprus Autism Association, Limassol

In Greek



Handmade Animation  

A hand-drawn animation workshop (for children 8-14). 

With Yiorgos Τsangaris 

A workshop based on the “direct animation” technique, which includes frame-by-frame drawing on paper strips sized to mimic that of 35mm film, as well as on optical devices like those of the first form of cinema (such as zoetropes, flip books, and thaumatropes). Additionally, children will experiment with cut-out animation and the use of tablets as cameras. These techniques allow for freedom and improvisation, and most importantly form a basis for understanding the basic principles of animation. A hands-on workshop in collaboration with Animafest.

20/04 SAT | 10:00-14:00

@ Hambis Printmaking Museum, Nicosia

In Greek



Speed Filmmaking

A dynamic, collaborative filmmaking workshop (for teens 14+).

Led by Stavros Pamballis 

We see the world through our phones, as passive consumers of information. Even when we express ourselves, through selfies, memes, or TikToks, we are still being restricted by the social media canon. What happens when we turn our phones 90° and break out of that vertical frame? We instantly gain a new scope of perspective, a way of seeing ourselves and the world around us in a way that breaks the mold. This workshop will take young filmmakers through the dynamic journey of making a film with the tools we use every day. Returning for its third year, the workshop was initiated in 2022 by Athena Xenidou and developed with Stavros Pamballis "from inception to completion". Teens will work with a screenplay, assign creative roles (director, actors, camera, lighting, etc.) amongst each other, and shoot a short film in 5 hours, at the end of which the film will be edited and presented at the Festival’s closing ceremony.

20/04 SAT | 10:00-16:00

@Directors’ Guild of Cyprus, Nicosia

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