April 12 – 20, 2024

Masterclasses & Special Screenings


12 – 20 April 2019

Film education in the spotlight

Masterclasses by acclaimed international film professionals, cinema for kids and youth and a multi-awarded VR film

Parallel to its main programme of screenings, the 17th Cyprus Film Days International Festival is organising three important film workshops – masterclasses, along with screenings for young audiences. For its upcoming edition, Cyprus Film Days is proud to host Cypriot cinematographer Haris Zambarloukos, French born and Toronto-based Festival Strategist, Development/Distribution/Marketing Expert Hayet Benkara and producer and BBC collaborator Laura Gaynor. The entrance to these events is free and open to the public.

Masterclass with Cinematographer Haris Zambarloukos BSC, GSC and screening of Murder on the Orient Express
[20/4, 10:00 – 13:30, Rialto Theatre, Limassol]

In the English language

Renowned Cypriot cinematographer Haris Zambarloukos BSC, GSC is professionally based in the UK, and has been the director of photography on famous films like, Mamma Mia!, Sleuth, Thor, Batman Begins and many more. On Saturday, April 20th, he will be leading a masterclass, about his cinematography of the film Murder on the Orient Express. The masterclass will begin with the screening of the film, and discussion will follow, exploring shooting on 70mm and modern image process work. The speaker will look at the fact that the film was entirely shot in the UK and on a stationary train. The discussion will also focus on various aspects, such as working with a director who is also the lead actor and with an ensemble cast. Interested individuals are invited to register for free by sending an email to admin@rialto.com.cy until 19/4, stating their full name and phone number.

Masterclass with Hayet Benkara: «Strategizing for a better journey: Tips for screenwriters, directors and producers».
[14/4, 11:00 – 12:30, Zena Palace Cinema]

In the English language

French born and Toronto-based Hayet Benkara has years of international experience working extensively with some of the most prestigious festivals. After managing the Sales Office, the unofficial market, at TIFF, the Toronto International Film Festival, she has been managing and producing all the Talent Development Programmes at TIFF including Studio a year round professional training programme for mid-career producers, directors and screenwriters and the Talent Lab. Benkara has worked for Cannes (Producers Network), Berlinale (Co-production market), IFFR (Rotterdam Film Festival), Locarno (Open Doors Lab), DFI (Doha Film Institute), the Abu Dhabi and the Dubai Film Festival (Arab Emirates), and many more. Because of her extensive knowledge of the international market place, Hayet is often hired as a Mentor, a Programmer and/or an Industry Advisor.
The main target of this Masterclass is to present important tips for new and upcoming film professionals. What should you think of during your film’s development period? What is packaging? When should you present your script? When should you go to a Lab? When should you contact a Sales Agent? When should you contact a film programmer? In this masterclass, Hayet Benkara will give tips on strategies creators need to think of in order to create better awareness and positioning of their films. Interested individuals are invited to register for free by sending an email to admin@rialto.com.cy until 13/4, stating their full name and phone number.

Masterclass “Smartphone as a Camera” with Laura Gaynor
13/4, 09:00 – 10:30 [Part A’], 10:30 – 13:00 [Part B’]
Colour-coded Amphitheaters (Millennium Building), University of Nicosia and 14/4, 10:00 – 16:00 at Directors Guild of Cyprus Foundation

In the English language with interpretation in Greek

Masterclass “Smartphone as a Camera” with independent producer and BBC collaborator Laura Gaynor is organised by Cyprus Film Days for Children and Youth and it will take place in three parts. The first part is targetted at children 12+, and is open to the public. The workshop will educate participants on using smartphone cameras, while it will include filming techniques, directing and editing films on mobile phones. The second part is open to children ages 12 – 14, and includes preparation for filming and practice. The third part will include filming and editing films on mobile devices.
The selection of participants for part two and three will be based upon the script of an A4 page on the subject “Small Superheroes among us”. Interested children are required to email their script page until 5/4, to cyprusfilmdaysyouth@gmail.com. Selection will be made upon priority. Information: Christiana Varda 70008242

Film screenings for children open to the public

Cyprus Film Days for Chidren and Youth is organising two screenings of films suitable for children 12+. The selection of this year’s films was made upon the common thematic of superhero children among us. Children who fight against illnesses, who bravely combat challenging situations in their families and everyday lives, discrimination, bullying and phobias. Entrance is free to both screenings.
• Supa Modo, Directed by: Likarion Wainaina, (Kenya, Germany)
[14/4, 16:00, Zena Palace Cinema]
(Special Mention at Generation Kplus and Crystal Bear Nominee – Berlinale IFF 2018, Special Mention – Edinburgh IFF, 2018 etc.)
The people of a tiny village in Kenya join forces to make the wish of a terminally ill 9-year-old girl come true: they help her turn into a real superhero, with a little help from the wings of imagination and the magic of cinema. A thrilling, bittersweet farewell to all everyday life (super)heroes, that keep inspiring those who are left behind. The film is suitable for 12+.

• Τhe Witch Hunters, Directed by: Rasko Miljkovic (Serbia)
[13/4, 16:00, Zena Palace Cinema and 14/4, 11:00, Rialto Theatre]
(Mostra Geração Best Film Rio de Janeiro IFF, Young People’s Jury Award for Best Feature Film (Ages 8 – 10) – TIFF Kids International Film Festival 2018 etc.)
Ten-year-old Jovan has a partial cerebral palsy. His condition has shaped his everyday life and made him thinking of himself as invisible to others – to his parents and his classmates. The (extra)ordinary life he is used to, is suddenly shaken by a new classmate, Milica, who invites him to liberate her father from a witch who cast a spell on him. The film is suitable for 12+.

Screening of The Green Line: A Virtual Reality project

The Green Line is a VR short film (7′) directed by Ioannis Bekiaris & Alexis Mavros, documenting areas of the UN Buffer Zone in Cyprus, some unseen by the public since 1963. The Green Line transports viewers into the abandoned villages of Selemani, Varisheia and the abandoned Nicosia International Airport.

The idea for this film was first presented in Amsterdam in 2017, within the framework of VRDays festival. Later on, it was invited to premiere at Cannes Next, a programme that promotes innovation in cinema. It was nominated at sixteen international film festivals, and won Best VR Film four times. The film was produced by Full View Productions, with the generous support of the University of Nicosia, Polar Effect Productions and UNFICYP.

The film will be screening in loop from the 12th to the 14th of April at the Rialto Theatre, in Limassol, from 6p.m. to 10p.m.. The film will also be screening at Leventios Gallery, in Nicosia.