April 12 – 20, 2024

Closing night

The 16th Cyprus Film Days International Festival, the biggest feature fiction film event in Cyprus, is reaching its end on Saturday the 28th of April at the Rialto Theatre, with its final screenings and the Awards Ceremony.

Once again, the Festival was at the core of cinema in Cyprus, with awarded films from both established and new directors, masterclasses and workshops by international figures, as well as the children’s section.
This year’s programme reaches its end on the 28th of April, at 7 pm at the Rialto Theatre, with the Cypriot feature film Chinatown: The Three Shelters, by Alice Danezi-Knutsen.

Synopsis: Cleo, a Greek-Chinese girl, brought up with love and light in the hills of Cyprus, finds out on her 18th birthday that her long-deceased father was murdered by the Chinese mafia. She swears to take revenge. An old friend of her father’s, Cook Lin, helps her while his young assistant falls in love with her. While Cleo begins to search for the killers, she will soon discover that Cook Lin holds a well-kept secret.

At the Awards Ceremony following the film, the Jury will award the films that were distinguished in this year’s Glocal Images competition section. The Audience Award will also follow, highlighting the most popular film of the Festival, as voted by the audience. The student jury of the University of Nicosia will then announce their Best Film Award as well.

In the same manner, for the Cypriot Film Competition Section the Jury will grant the Best Cypriot Film Award and the Best Director Award.

During the ceremony, a number of short films created by the children who participated in the workshops of the Cyprus Film Days for Children and Youth programme will be screened.

The night will close with the music of DJ Felizol & The Boy at the Heroe’s Square outside the Rialto Theatre. The duo consists of filmmakers/musicians Yiannis Veslemes & Alexandros Voulgaris, a highly creative electronic music group, valuing the various subcultures of the ‘80s.

At the Zena Palace Cinema, the screenings will end on Friday the 27th of April, followed by ‘Surreal is Real’, a tryfonic-XRC audiovisual collaboration, with music by Aristodemos & Eugene Skull.