April 12 – 20, 2024

Call for Interest for Festival’s Identity

“Cyprus Film Days” International Film Festival is the official film festival of Cyprus and the country’s greatest cinematic institution.

The Festival is co-organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus and the Rialto Theatre.

The responsibility for film selection, programming screenings and parallel events lies with a three-member artistic committee appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Rialto Theatre.

The festival is annual and takes place concurrently in both Limassol and Nicosia. This year’s edition, which marks the festival’s tenth anniversary, is scheduled to be held between the 20th and 29th of April, 2012.

Festival’s objectives

1. To contribute to the development, promotion and mobility of filmmaking in Cyprus and the wider region.
2. To showcase the work of filmmakers from across the world and introduce them to the Cyprus public.
3. To serve as a hub for films from the three continents neighbouring Cyprus.

The festival includes the following sections:

Glocal Images – International Competition Section: Feature-length fiction films participate in this section. The artistic committee’s selections originate from across the world, with an emphasis on the cinema of continents neighbouring Cyprus, intended to promote filmmaking as an art and a tool of intercultural dialogue. Glocal Images also seeks to attract films that, while sketching out the particular “nuances” of local cinema, draw on the thematic and stylistic choices of contemporary international filmmaking. Each film participating in this section is screened once in Limassol and once in Nicosia.

Viewfinder – A close-up on Contemporary International Cinema: This section hosts films which have been distinguished in the course of the festival year and selected by the artistic committee on the basis of specific criteria. This section’s main objective is to bring the public up-to-date with films singled out by significant festival centers.

Parallel Programs including special screenings, thematic units and tributes to the work of distinguished filmmakers from around the world.

Parallel events featuring workshops and master classes.

An Opening Ceremony and a Closing Ceremony, during which winners are presented with their awards.


Call for posters (creative part)

On the basis of the aforementioned, the Rialto Theatre and the Festival’s Artistic Committee hereby proclaim a competition between natural and legal persons in Cyprus for the submission of proposals for the poster (creative part) of the “2012 Cyprus Film Days Festival/10th International Film Festival”. The application’s basic dimensions should be 30X42 cm. Interested parties may submit up to three proposals in either electronic form (JPEG or PDF file) or a hard copy (a 30X42 cm maquette).

The poster must be an original work, designed exclusively for the “2012 Cyprus Film Days Festival/10th International Film Festival”. Variations or works that have been submitted in the past, even as mere proposals, are excluded from competition.

The poster must be created in a way that allows applications that the organizers will proceed to undertake with the purpose of promoting, advertising and communicating the event, i.e. catalogue covers, daily screening programmes, banners, entries etc.

The awarded party may be asked to continue his/her cooperation with the festival for the materialization of the above.


Submission of Proposals

All proposals must be submitted by Monday, January 9th 2012 at info@cyprusfilmdays.com or sent to the postal address below:

RIALTO Theatre
19, Andrea Drousioti Street
Heroes Square
3040 Limassol – Cyprus

The material enclosed in the submitted envelope will not be returned to the sender.


Selection Criteria

The basic criteria for the final selection are the idea’s quality, originality, inventiveness and relevance with the purpose and style of the event.


Each proposal must include the following:

Festival title
Festival logo
Organizers’ logos (Ministry of Education and Culture & Rialto Theatre)
Festival dates and venues
Festival webpage

Intellectual property rights and Remuneration

The final contractor as creator or, in the case of joint works, creators, will concede, surrender and transfer the property rights they hold on the poster’s creative part to the ownership of the organizers, hence making it the organizers’ asset.

The organizers reserve themselves the option to ask the candidates for any modifications or changes to be made on the initial creative part, the acceptance of which is a requirement for the final award of contract.

The selected proposal will receive 350 euro in the form of remuneration. The name of the creator(s) of the awarded proposal will be cited in the Festival’s final catalogue and webpage.

The creator(s) of the selected proposal undertake(s) to send organizers an “open” file (photoshop/ illustrator file) containing the poster’s creative part that the organizers may use for any other application. The creator(s) waive(s) every right or claim on such applications.

For further information please call 25 34 39 02 or email us at info@cyprusfilmdays.com


Download the festival’s logos from here