21 - 29 April 2023


Festival Lovers Quick Talk with journalist Theo Panayides

Cyprus Film Days 2014

Festival Lovers

Quick Talk


Name: Theo Panayides

Who is Who: journalist in the newspaper ” Cyprus Mail”

I’ve been a journalist for the last 15 years. I’m more into interviews and film reviews.

I remember the first festival Cyprus Film Days, the big surprise by the film “The Wild Blue Yonder” by Werner Herzog (a unique film remains unappreciated, even today) and the company of young Russians talking in Russian, without even lower the volume of their voice, THROUGHOUT THE DURATION OF the PROMOTION! I hope they don’t come this year.

This year I look forward to seeing… everything! This is the “correct” answer, since the whole idea of Cyprus Film Days is to immerse the viewer in a plethora of films. From what I’ve seen, however, I recommend “Club Sandwich”. As for the ones I haven’t seen, I’ve heard very good things about “this is Martin Bonner”.

I never expected to see a Cypriot romantic comedy in road movie style, such as “Committed”.

I distinctly remember interviewing Israeli director Eran Kolirin in 2009.G.I. Friday’s (!), as his film, “The Band’s Visit”, was played in the Pantheon, and he insisted on trying Cypriot zivania, despite my warning that Friday’s would probably not have much zivania. (I was right).

I hope that at some point we will have a cinema in Cyprus that shows “festival” movies every day, rather than having to rely on groups and Cyprus Film Days.

Short CV

Born in Nicosia. Journalist for “Cyprus Mail”. Director of two short films (“Malgaat” and “Andy and Lena”) and the documentary “A Better Hole”.