April 12 – 20, 2024


Festival Lovers Quick Talk with Georgia Doetzer

Cyprus Film Days 2014

Name: Georgia Doetzer
Who is Who: Artistic Director of Rialto Theatre

The idea of making Cyprus Film Days,
it belongs to Elena Christodoulidou, senior officer of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education. In fact, the first three events took place in the framework of the International Festival “Kypria”, starting in 2001 and until 2003.

From idea to realization,
the festival went through a Thousand Waves. The first 3 years was the director of Dimitris Eipidis and later – also for 3 years-the director of the festival was Nino fenek Mikelidis. Only in the last 6 years the festival has acquired the name Cyprus Film Days and a clearer identity .

At the first Cyprus Film Days Festival in 2001,
which was then still ‘ Movie Horizons” and brought the heavy imprint of Dimitri Εϊπίδη, I didn’t think I’d be watching so many amazing movies from all over the world. Independent productions at a time when Cyprus did not even have a good commercial cinema.

I remember features
the suspense until it’s set up for the first time. I also remember our collaboration with Dimitris Eipidis, a truly huge figure in the International Film Industry.

I’ll never forget
our disappointment in the early years when we had such great films, the audience-which apparently did not yet exist – remained-despite our great efforts – indifferent.

The film that has a special place, from all those that were screened in the framework of the festival,
I don’t think it’s just one. However, I remember Andrey Zvyagintsev’s “return” in 2003. This is an incredible movie and the reason I mention it, is that I saw her again a few months ago and it totally inspired me equally.

Happy during the festival,
a lot happened. Especially in the early years, we were so nervous things kept happening. Small facets happen all the time and often especially with the workload.

I hope that at some point
the “film Days” will become the largest festival in the Eastern Mediterranean with hundreds of films and a dozen Cypriot among them.

For next year
I look forward to good movies, including some comedies. I also hope that the public will grow so much that finding tickets will be a really difficult task!

It would be nice,
some time embraced the festival from banks, companies and organizations so I don’t have to save everything so much

Short CV
Georgia Doetzer, grew up in Nicosia, studied in Germany, but lived in Limassol for many years. He has been a member of the Rialto Theatre Group since its first day of operation in 1999. He is also a member of D.P. Thok and consultant on artistic issues at the European capital of Culture Organisation – Paphos 2017.