April 12 – 20, 2024


Festival Lovers Quick Talk with Savva Christou

Cyprus Film Days 2014

Name: Savvas Christou

Who is Who: volunteer officer Cyprus Film Days 2014

The first movie I ever saw,

if I remember correctly, it’s Hitchcock’s Vertigo. Ever since I was a kid, I was interested in being a director, and my father encouraged me to watch this film, because Hitchcock revolutionized the technique of cinema and it would be a good start. From too early into the deep !

I was a fanatic of Cyprus Film Days

since the early years of the institution. Whenever the days of the festival came to a close, I remember I was looking forward to the list of movies! Unfortunately, at first I was a fanatical supporter from afar, as I missed several events while living abroad.

I remember the first Cyprus Film Days I attended,

it was 2 years ago that I returned to Cyprus permanently after my sudetenesses abroad. Since then, I’ve been a fanatic supporter, and a fanatic spectator. It’s very different to live in person !

I decided to volunteer,

since the first year I followed it, but I didn’t have time to register, so I dynamically joined your volunteer the second year and still count the acquaintances I made from the people of the area and the organizers!

We managed to gather enough entries for volunteers this year, as last year, moreover, a fact which proves, that the people of Cyprus not only wants to come as a spectator, but like to live more strongly and dramatically with his involvement as a volunteer. It is very positive, because in a difficult and demanding field which is none other than the cinema, there is a positive “momentum” is finally up on our site and this will give a boost especially to the young filmmakers to live the dream in the future with more confidence and will also give more people of Cyprus to see and live more intensely the beautiful side of the film.

The responsibilities of volunteers are

many and varied. The most important task is the good coordination in the program so that the operation of the institution and the guidance of the spectators in the various spaces of the theatre is followed consistently. Also important goal is the good hospitality in the area for the world and certainly one volunteer should be on hand to solve any questions some viewer or and to give general information about the festival.

This year I look forward to seeing

of course the Cypriot productions such as “Committed” to the Στελλάνας Hard (08/04, 20:00) and “the Little fish” by Yannis Economides (12/04, 22:00) already these auter’s once-proud cinematic face of our country. I also look forward to seeing, of course, Alexander Avraana’s “Miss Violence” (06/04, 22:00) Who Made Greek cinema proud with 4 awards at the Venice Festival, among them the “men’s performance award” and the “Director award”.

I remember features

the first day I lived as a volunteer the festival where there was a “fever” of excitement from many people and I was happy to give some information about the films and about the institution and solve some pertinent questions of the world. I also can’t forget the thrill and excitement of the award-winning directors and the whole award ceremony!

I hope that at some point

my own film to participate in this festival and compete with all those distinguished filmmakers who participate in it.

For next year

I hope that this institution will continue along its positive path, because over the years I have lived it has never proved me wrong or failed me. On 13 April the countdown to the next one will begin!

If anyone even now is interested in volunteering

for the festival not to think about it a second time because especially one who deals with the area it is a good opportunity to meet important persons of the area and generally live the cinematic pulse of near that may this festival brings to life the meaning of cinema in our country.

Short CV

Savvas Christos was born on May 15, 1985 in Limassol. Since 5 years old he started piano, guitar, harmony and music theory. He was a member of various musical bands in high school and during his military service. In 2005 he began my studies at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens in the Department of Greek literature. At the same time he worked in a record company and I took music production seminars. At the same time he studied directing and script writing. Since 2008 he writes musical investments for theatres, films and commercials. In 2011 he worked at the local Limassol channel “NTV channel” as a Editor. He has directed and written 6 short films. Lately he works in the company, producers of “White Leaf Pictures” ,is a member of the record company’s “Wave of Sound” and composes music for theatre and advertisements.