April 12 – 20, 2024


Festival Lovers Quick Talk with Anastasia Anastasiou

Cyprus Film Days 2014

Name: Anastasia Anastasiou

Who is Who: festival coordinator Cyprus Film Days

I belong to the family of Cyprus Film Days

since 2011. Since the 1st year the festival became a competition.

My responsibilities under Cyprus Film Days are

…who is who, it’s comprehensive and short.

I remember on the first Cyprus Film Days,

I was in charge of “organization and Public Relations”, a position that threw me from the beginning into deep and difficult and helped me “climb”.

From the people I met through the festival

I felt what festival meant and it made me love it more.

This year’s production

he pushed us, but that’s the only way to “find”her.

This year I look forward to seeing

the festival is full of life. As every year, so this year, this is the greatest satisfaction.

I never expected

answering this questionnaire.

I remember features

an incident in 2011 where the baby of one of the committee members, became ill from the first days of the festival. The result was that we spent a whole day in the hospital.

The film that has a special place from all those that were screened in the framework of the festival, was

“the boy eats the bird’s food”, a film that shows the brutal reality of today’s Greece, which is not far from us.

I hope that at some point

the festival will reach its goals, which takes time, hard work and steady steps.

After each view

I’m waiting for the next one to start …and I smoke in between.

Short CV

Anastasia Anastasiou completed studies, “Design for Communication” in 2008 at the Chelsea College of Art and Design (UAL) in London, and later a private funding course in Cultural Management with the group “Moving Culture” in Cyprus and Berlin. From 2010 to August 2012 she was a festival coordinator at the Rialto Theatre, while from September of the same year she is responsible for programs and promotion at the Rialto Theatre. At the same time from 2008 until today it is freelance graphic designer.