April 12 – 20, 2024


Festival Lovers Quick Talk with Panayiotis Fotiou

Cyprus Film Days 2014

Festival Lovers

Quick Talk


Name: Panagiotis Fotiou

Who is he: head of spots Cyprus Film Days

The creator’s first point for Cypriot film days,

it was in 2012, starring a passionate cinephile who saw scenes worth shooting all around him.

Country Of Origin

I’ll be right back. and to recall the purchase of the great one. Always humorous.

He remembers my first Cypriot Film Festival,

a Romanian Loverboy who with the departure of the United.

This year anonymous

not to be Sundays in the viewfinder, carpets and families of agiagonotikos.

Postal services

the spontaneous laughter of the audience every time the spots were shown in the cinema before the start of movies.

I hope I’m going somewhere right now

it’s gonna start raining batteries like Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Magnolia”.

Short CV

Panagiotis Fotiou at the University of London. 7 small minion, 2 Megalo makouros documentary, viewers (I Love GR) and the public. Greek member of the KLEIN MEIN film group and iodi owner of the patikogeorgon and dimodimeirgon Klein Mein Ltd.