April 12 – 20, 2024


Festival Lovers Quick Talk with Vassilis Peteinaris

Cyprus Film Days 2014

Festival Lovers

Quick Talk


Name: Vassilis Peteinaris

Who is Who: Photo / Image festival Cyprus Film Days

It was only this year that I joined the Cyprus Film Days family. It’s the first collaboration with the festival.

It’s my job to pay the bills. For the festival I have given the photo for the poster.

I remember at my first Cyprus Film Days Festival,in the distant 2006, the conversations with the band about their films every night.

This year I look forward to seeing

the halls full of people and all the movies I can catch.

I never expected

that I’ll lose my hair

I remember features

the parallel projections “re-Possessed” since 2011

The film that has a special place from all those that were screened in the framework of the festival, was

the film that introduced me to my beloved Roy Andersson in 2010,”you the Living”.

I hope that at some point

in 2028 to accompany my teenage daughters to the Cyprus Film Days screenings

Short CV

“What do you do?” A question ,whether by an acquaintance or by the bank employee, that the difficulty of determining the answer, he was always a stress. Ten years later, after many photographs, many hours of teaching photography, countless hours behind lighting consoles, hanging headlights, performances and rehearsals in the theatre, I can now answer the question with confidence ……”But they pay me to play with the lights”

Site: www.shootme.com.cy (but be patient, for now the site is offline for renovation)