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Festival Lovers Quick Talk with Costas Konstantinidis

Cyprus Film Days 2014

Festival Lovers

Quick Talk


Name: Kostas Kostadinidis

Who is he: academic, metal of copper artistic comitology

The first film I remember since there was the festival ” Cyprus Film Days, and before my participation in the artistic committee is the “return” (Andrey Zvyagintsev, 2003). Aspaides, I remember” Enter the Dragon ” with the tradition of Bruce Lee (Robert Clouse, 1973). The evacuation of Bruce Lee’s National Transformation and the reversal of metal inside with crowded municipalities within the prominent Central Bank.

As an academic my research interests are not limited to the film genre and style that presents the Cyprus film Days in framework of the two main parts of the (Viewfinder and Glocal), and that, moreover, it appears from the various specials that we have proposed from time to time, such as, for example, the tribute of Scary Sunday 2010. In the last two years of my research with cypriot cinema, but his main research interests focus on the study of film transport, of the theory of digital cinema and cult cinema, as well as worship of the cyprus film!

Amai member of stativ’s artistic comitology since 2009.

The country belonging to the” Tulpan ” (Sergey Dvortsevoy, 2008).

I remember the first festival Cyprus film Days is the presentation of Tal Gadon “Making of Waltz with Bashir” (head of the group of animators of the movie animation “Waltz with Bashir”, Ari Folman, 2008) and the very positive reception of our choices, as well as the new dynamic of the festival had begun to take shape.

This year I can’t wait to see the debate with Mania Akbari after the screening of the film “10+4” and the special screening of “Evaporating Borders” (the movie I saw it for the first time at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam, therefore I am particularly interested in the reception by the public of Cyprus).

I never expected the statement of one of the protagonists of a candidate for an Oscar for Best Foreign language Film “Ajami” (2009), Ibrahim Frege, who said that he has a better time as a guest of the Cyprus film Days of “” the as a guest of οσκαρικών events!

I hope that at some point the festival will host more world premieres, in order to attract the interest of professionals from the wider geographical area. In other words The Film Days Festival – Cyprus to become a point of discovery of films, which will begin their festival trip from Cyprus. I also hope that at some point the festival will host a separate section of Cypriot films of Feature fiction.

For next year we want more of his friends to the movies, especially young people, to learn about the festival, to get acquainted and become not only admirers creative film, but fans of the magical experience offered by the movie theater.

Short CV

Dr. Kostas Konstantinidis is an assistant professor of Film Studies at the Communication Department of the University of Nicosia. Κατέχειμε Master’s degree and ph. d. from the University of Reading, Uk (MA Film and Theatre Studies, 2003, Ph. D Film Studies, 2007) and certificate in English Studies from the University of St. Basil (2002). Δίδαξεςκινηματογράμματα in the movies, University of reading and in the movies of the βιβόλου “by the adaptation of the film in Μεταπολιτισμική adjustment: a review of the transition of popular narratives and characters in old and new media” (New version) York/London: Continuum, 2010). In the conference room (with the name “Cypriot Cinemas: memory, conflict and identity in the margins of Europe” (New York/London: Bloomsbury Academic, ministry of Education).