April 12 – 20, 2024


Cyprus Viewers Quick Talk #1

Cyprus Film Days 2014

Cyprus Viewers

Quick Talk


Name: Hara Alonefti

Age: 36

Occupation: Self-Employed

Something short but inclusive? just like the movie (just watched it), near the whole that cannot be captured.

What movie did you see? evaluating Borders

What movie do you want to see? Miss Violence

Favorite actor? Tilda Swidon (and many others).

What Would you call Cyprus Film Days? not just a good try. Very important festival and with good wishes and more “enhanced”.

Lars Von Trier’s Nyphomaniac, because I still haven’t seen it.

A movie line you remember? “Are you talking to me?”And” that you have recognized, my lady Chrysstalla, with the gold I wear;»

Favorite movie character? Sean Penn

Where’d you park? in the parking lot down the street and I paid 2 euros.

What’s the first movie you remember watching? Cry Baby, Johnny Depp

What cinematic soundtrack you hear constantly and incessantly;

All Tarantino Collection / Big Fish

Favorite movie hero? Mighty Mouse

What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen? I don’t have one. Of all I had something to learn, still some bad ones.