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Festival Lovers Quick Talk with Diamando Stylianou

Cyprus Film Days 2014



Festival Lovers

Quick Talk


Name: Diamanto Stylianou

Who is Who: jury officer Cyprus Film Days

I’ve been working for Cyprus Film Days for the last two years.

I’m in charge of the jury, which practically means that I am the right hand (I hope) of the jury of the festival, which consists of renowned personalities of the international cinema. It also means that I am alert 24/7 for whatever they need: pen with light for note taking in the dark room up to tour the narrow streets of the city and acquaintance with the cyprus story.

I remember the most loyal spectator who sat every night in the judges ‘ row, watching all the movies with great devotion. To reward him, the members of the jury awarded Mr. Christakis the prize of the best spectator!

This year I look forward to seeing all the films, of course, but especially to getting to know Manja Akbari, the Iranian director, a member of this year’s jury. The woman who chose exile, as her films have been banned in Iran because of “bold and inappropriate” by the country’s standards of content. I’m sure he has a lot to tell us. And I have a lot to learn.

I remember distinctly the last meeting of last year’s jury in which the jury decided the awards. Their dialogues came out like a movie and the (few) disagreements were really enjoyable! The only thing I’m sure of is that I’m seeing the movies differently now.

I hope that at some point in the (near) future all theatre seats will be reserved every night (and cell phones closed).

Short CV

Diamanto Stylianou is a translator and interpreter. He studied foreign languages applied to translation, France and England, and works as a freelance worker. He sees translation as the shortest way for cultures to meet each other. In her spare time, when she doesn’t subtitle movies and translate websites, she’s at the Theatre Square, in the K series, and she watches movies with the judges.