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Festival Lovers Quick Talk with journalist Merope Moses

Cyprus Film Days 2014

Festival Lovers

Quick Talk


Name: Merope Moses

Who is Who: journalist in the newspaper ” citizen”

I’ve been a journalist for the last nine years on a permanent basis. I was writing again before, but I was doing other things.

I’m more involved than I should be in Cultural Affairs. Offer, however, smaller doses of stress, greater creativity, more freedom and the same responsibility with every other area.

I remember at the first Cyprus Film Days Festival the world crammed into the foyer of the Pantheon Cinema and George Papageorgiou and Yago Hatzigiannis buying beers.

The importance of the festival is hidden in the minimal positive displacement of each of us when watching a film in the seats of Rialto and Xena.

This year I look forward to seeing all the Cypriot films: The Documentary by Eva Radivojevic “evaluating Borders”, the new film by Economides “the small fish”, the film by Stellana Clary “Committed”. But also “Miss Violence”, “Pelo Malo”, “Omar”, “Life Feels Good”. I also look forward to seeing how everything went well this year for the event, despite the difficult circumstances.

I never thought an institution of the ministry would find me supportive. Every plot has its undoing.

I remember, in Film Days 2010, Ibrahim Frege, one of the protagonists of the film “Ajami”. That same year, the film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and before coming as a guest of the festival, he travelled to America for the Oscar ceremony. Dancing at the party –the end or the beginning, I don’t remember – I asked him what the ceremony was like. “I enjoy more of my stay in Cyprus and at this festival,” he said.

I hope that at some point the festival will be recognized by the general public, will gain the prestige it deserves within and outside the borders and you won’t have time to count the festival lovers of.

Short CV

I spent four years in communications and M.M.Hey. the University of Athens and five others in Nicosia changing jobs and neighborhoods. Since then, the years have passed in the newspaper “citizen” without my understanding. And in electronic parathyro.com they go even faster.