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Festival Lovers Quick Talk with the journalist Michalis Michaelides

Cyprus Film Days 2014
Festival Lovers

Quick Talk

Name: Iron Mike

Who is Who: Editor-In-Chief cityfreepress.com.cy

I’ve been a journalist for the last 9 years and I’ve been writing about City and Time out. Two titles whose common denominator is quality content, whatever that implies.

As editor-in-chief of the City, and especially the online version, I always try to get into the mind of the one who sits behind a screen, “hits” www.cityfreepress.com.cy and waiting to read something, or to have a good time, either to reflect, or finally, to be informed about what is happening in the city.

I believe that it is our obligation to go back to the “booty call”, especially when it comes to cultural events, and to support significant events, primarily with our physical presence.

I remember the first festival Cyprus Film Days which I went, in 2006, a short film of a cypriot woman director, whose story it dealt with the war. Remember, also, that in the same year, I wanted to see the Rialto Zach Stephen, the opening ceremony, but it didn’t work and I had repressed for a long time.

The importance of the festival and its importance is a combination of many elements. The right judgment in the selection of the films being screened, the people of the jury for “Glocal Images”, and the continuity-consequence over the years, are some of them.

This year I look forward to seeing the “small fish” by Giannis Economides, for which I read excellent comments and “Pelo Malo”, starring a dreamy little girl from Latin America. Of course I’ll try to get to the Iranian Mania Akbari movie screenings.

I never thought I’d get a chance to socialize with directors of the range of Mania Akbari. The award-winning Iranian director will be one of the judges of the competition “Glocal Images”. As the organizers inform us, immediately after viewing the “10 +4” will follow a discussion with her!

I remember distinctly that every time the weather was near for the CFD, everyone’s faces were shining on the team. I honestly think it’s an experience.

I hope that sometime we will manage to fill the movie theaters in Cyprus and I don’t mean only during the premieres of blockbusters. I wish, in general, to fill all the cultural sites, when it comes to quality musical, theatrical and dance performances, when it comes to festivals that have as main feature the passion.

Short CV

I was born in Polystipos in ‘ 82. In ‘ 92 we moved family to Nicosia. I Studied Communications. I’ve been in journalism for the last 9 years, ever since I was a junior. I never wanted to be a career journalist, and I don’t think I could “make”. I hate the hours I have to sit in the chair, but on the other hand, it’s beautiful and at the same time exhilarating to share with others what you think is interesting. A thought, an image, a taste, a music… Sometimes it may become viral. Sometimes it stays unclaimed.